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Python Automation Online Training & Certification

Python Automation by Ksquareinfo is the best online training course that offers in-depth knowledge of Python Automation from Browser automation, Web scraping to GUI, excel and word automation. After the completion of the course you will be able to debug python code, automate web browsers, programme and update word and excel documents. Ksquareinfo’s Python Automation online training course will also help you in acquiring skills that will ensure clearing of Python automation certification exam.

Why should you take Python automation course?

Python is one of the highly used programming language for test automation, it is an open source language that can be used to automate almost anything by simply writing scripts. Therefore many companies are adopting Python for automation making that has increased its demand in the market and enhancing the salaries of Python automation testers in the industry.

Who can take the Python Automation course?

The technology can be learnt by Python programmers, Manual testers, QAs, Java developers and any IT professional looking for a career in automation testing.

What are Python Automation Pre- requisites?

It is recommended to acquire basic knowledge of manual testing, QA and Java script skills.

Why should I learn Python Automation from Ksquareinfo?

Ksquareinfo is the leading online training institute for Python Automation in Hyderabad, it has been training thousands of students online across the world for the past 10 years. It has a curriculum designed by the experts that will give you hands on experience that will be helpful in mastering the programming language both basic and advanced concepts. It is the top training online institute that provides both self-paced training and group online training with individual attention to each of the student.

Why Python Automation?

Python Automation is high in demand in the market with immense growth opportunities for software professionals. Due to its versatility, powerful and easy to use tools there is high scope for the language in future as well.

Can beginners also learn Python Automation?

Yes, it will be helpful for beginners to obtain strong knowledge in Python concepts to to begin their career on a high note.

What Are Modes of Training offered by Ksquareinfo?

Ksquareinfo is top ranked Python Automation online training in India that offers two types such as self-paced training and online instructor group training that provide flexible hours as per your convenience. Our trainers have vast experience in the technology and are working as subject matter experts for the company. Personal interaction with the trainers will be provided through a demo for the students before confirmation.

How many people are using Python Automation?

As per the research, currently there are 4.3 million professionals who are using python as the programming language used for automation.

What are the preferred skills to become a successful Python Automation Professional?

Some of the skills to become a successful Python Automation professional are :

  1. Excellent understanding of Python Automation technology
  2. 2. key features of Python productivity tools
  3. 3. Ecosystem of java scripting, testing concepts

Chapter 1: Introduction of Python and Seleium

  1. Installing Python
  2. Installing the Selenium package
  3. Browsing the Selenium Web Driver Python documentation
  4. Selecting an IDE
  5. PyCharm
  6. The PyDevEclipseplugin
  7. PyScripter
  8. Setting up PyCharm
  9. Taking your first step swithSelenium and Python
  10. Cross-browser support
  11. Setting up Internet Explorer
  12. Setting up Google Chrome
  13. Summary

Chapter 2: Writing Tests Using unit test

  1. The unit test library
  2. The Test Case class
  3. The set Up()method
  4. Writing tests
  5. Cleaning up the code
  6. Running the test
  7. Adding another test
  8. Class-level setUp() and tearDown()methods
  9. Assertions
  10. Test suites
  11. Generating the HTML test report
  12. Summary

Chapter 3: Finding Elements

  1. Using developer tools to find locators
  2. Inspecting pages and elements with Fire foxusingthe Firebugadd-in
  3. Inspecting pages and elements with Google Chrome
  4. Inspecting pages and elements with Internet Explorer
  5. Finding elements with Selenium Web Driver
  6. Using the find methods
  7. Finding elements using the ID attribute
  8. Finding elements using then a meat tribute
  9. Finding elements using the class name
  10. Finding elements using the tag name
  11. Finding elements using XPath
  12. Finding elements using CSS selectors
  13. Finding links
  14. Finding links with partial text
  15. Putting all the tests together using find methods
  16. Summary

Chapter 4: Usage of Selenium Python for Interaction

  1. Elements of HTML forms
  2. Understanding the Web Driver class
  3. Properties of the Web Driver class
  4. Methods of the Web Driver class
  5. Understanding the Web Element class
  6. Properties of the Web Element class
  7. Methods of the Web Element class
  8. Working with forms, text boxes, check boxes, and radio buttons
  9. Checking whether the element is displayed and enabled
  10. Finding the element attribute value
  11. Using the is selected()method
  12. Using the clear()and send keys()methods
  13. Working with drop down sand lists
  14. Understanding the Select class
  15. Properties of the Select class
  16. Methods of the Select class
  17. Working with alert sand pop-up windows
  18. Understanding the Alert class
  19. Properties of the Alert class
  20. Methods of the Alert class
  21. Automating browser navigation
  22. Summary

Chapter 5:Synchronizing Tests

  1. Using implicit wait
  2. Using explicit wait
  3. The expected condition class
  4. Waiting for an element to been a bled
  5. Waiting for alerts
  6. Implementing custom wait conditions
  7. Summary

Chapter 6: Cross-browser Testing

  1. The Selenium stand a lone server
  2. Downloading the Selenium stand a lone server
  3. Launching the Selenium stand a lone server
  4. Adding support for Internet Explorer
  5. Adding support for Chrome
  6. Selenium Grid
  7. Launching Selenium server as a hub
  8. Adding nodes
  9. Adding an IEnode
  10. Adding a Firefox node
  11. Adding a Chromenode
  12. Mac OSX withSafari
  13. Running testsinGrid
  14. Running test sinacloud
  15. Using SauceLabs
  16. Summary

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Yes before confirming the schedule, we will be discussing with the trainer and training will be provided as per your availability.

The trainer is a certified professional with immense experience in the related technology and industry.

The trainer is a certified professional with immense experience in the related technology and industry.

Yes we accept course fee in two instalments

Yes there will be group discount where students join in a group will be provided with a discount.

We will provide assistance in that is required to place in an MNC by forwarding the resumes to the companies that we have partnered with. The curriculum provided in the course ensures that you have sufficient knowledge and exposure to get a job.