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SAP Hybris Commerce Certification Course

The SAP Hybris commerce is the best quality online training course provided by Ksquareinfo will help the professionals to deliver contextual and efficient solutions to the customers of the organisation. The online training course offered by Ksquareinfo is ranked No.1 that covers installation, configuration and management of SAP Hybris commerce suite along with build and deployment of SAP Hybris recipe and store that will be useful to attain expertise in advanced concepts in the technology.

Why should you take SAP Hybris Commerce Training course?

SAP Hybris training course will provide the opportunity for the working professionals to understand the next generation modes of commerce. More and more companies are implementing SAP Hybris to develop close interaction with its customers that will in turn increase the demand for the technology in future and enhance career opportunities and growth prospects for the professionals.

Who can take the SAP Hybris Commerce course?

The training can be attended by web developers, business analysts, SAP consultants, support professionals and freshers interested in building career in the field of SAP or ERP applications.

What are SAP Hybris Commerce Pre- requisites?

Basic knowledge about SAP applications and e-commerce concepts will be an added advantage.

Why should I learn SAP Hybris commerce from Ksquareinfo?

Ksquareinfo is the leading online training institute for SAP Hybris Commerce in Hyderabad, it has been training thousands of students online across the world for the past 10 years. It has a curriculum designed by the experts that will give you hands on experience that will be helpful in mastering the programming language both basic and advanced concepts. It is the top training online institute that provides both self-paced training and group online training with individual attention to each of the student.

Why SAP Hybris commerce?

Modern day businesses are increasing their customer base through constant communication that will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. SAP Hybris commerce provide solutions to the customer management skills where the it takes help from cloud and mobile technologies for consistent communication between organisation and customer. Therefore SAP hybris commerce training course by Ksquareinfo will help professionals to develop advanced understanding of customer management skills, cloud and mobile technologies that will improve company performances.

Can beginners also learn SAP Hybris Commerce?

Yes, it will be helpful for beginners to gain knowledge about ERP applications, customer management skills, SAP modules and e-commerce concepts

What are Modes of Training offered by Ksquareinfo?

Ksquareinfo is top ranked SAP Hybris Commerce online training in India that offers two types such as self-paced training and online instructor group training that provide flexible hours as per your convenience. Our trainers have vast experience in the technology and are working as subject matter experts for the company. Personal interaction with the trainers will be provided through a demo for the students before confirmation.

How many people are using SAP Hybris Commerce?

Today, most of the companies are adopting SAP Hybris commerce to simplify their customer management skills and increase the growth prospects of the professionals in that area.

What are the preferred skills to become a successful SAP Hybris Commerce Professional?

Some of the skills to become a successful SAP Hybris commerce professional are :

  1. 1. Excellent understanding of SAP Hybris commerce key features
  2. 2. Ecosystem of ERP
  3. 3. Strong knowledge SAP commerce concepts
  4. 4. Knowledge on e-commerce concepts

Course Content :

  1. • Basics, Introduction and Architecture
  2. • Contacts & Interactions
  3. • Segmentation
  4. • Advanced Segmentation Modeling
  5. • External Data Sources
  6. • Campaign Management
  7. • Integration with SAP Hybris Commerce

Overview of marketing :

  1. • Architecture and Cloud Landscape Overview
  2. • Marketing Business Processes Overview
  3. • Overview of Integration scenarios
  4. • Marketing On Boarding Process

Uses and Roles :

  1. • Roles Restriction
  2. • Business Catalogs
  3. • Implemention Scope
  4. • Implementation Cockpit
  5. • Overview of Configurations

Consumer Profiling :

  1. • Data Model
  2. • Data Import Concepts
  3. • Match and Merge Process
  4. • Contact Profiles
  5. • Profile Dashboard
  6. • Sentiment Engagement
  7. • Customer Journey Insight
  8. • Configurations
  9. • Extensibility
  10. • Custom Fields Extension
  11. • Badi Implementation Overview
  12. • Data Privacy - Marketing Permissions

Target Groups :

  1. • Categories
  2. • Features
  3. • Segment Actions
  4. • Building Block

Marketing Campaign Scenarios :

  1. • Content Studio
  2. • Landing Pages
  3. • Prerequisites
  4. • Sender Profiles
  5. • Subscription Management
  6. • Configurations
  7. • Campaign Automation
  8. • Workflows
  9. • Facebook Campaigns
  10. • Marketing Permissions
  11. • Suppression Rules

Marketing Management :

  1. • Overview
  2. • Marketing Planning
  3. • Budget Planning
  4. • Programs
  5. • Spend Management
  6. • Marketing Calendar
  7. • Configurations

Marketing Analytics :

  1. • Overview
  2. • Business Objects
  3. • Embedded Analytics

Integrations :

  1. • Scenarios and Overview
  2. • Data Upload
  3. • Lead Management Overview - C4C
  4. • Application Jobs
  5. • Lead Stages
  6. • Leads Scores
  7. • Lead Transfer Applications
  8. • Analytical Queries - Lead
  9. • Intgration Steps
  10. • Loyalty Overview
  11. • Profiles
  12. • Customer Journey

Upcoming Batches

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06 Aug 2019 (07:00 AM - 08:30 AM) Tue-Sat
06 Aug 2019 (08:30 PM - 10:00 PM) Tue-Sat
06 Aug 2019 (07:00 PM - 08:30 PM) Tue-Sat
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13 Aug 2019 (07:00 PM - 08:30 PM) Tue-Sat

Yes before confirming the schedule, we will be discussing with the trainer and training will be provided as per your availability.

The trainer is a certified professional with immense experience in the related technology and industry.

The trainer is a certified professional with immense experience in the related technology and industry.

Yes we accept course fee in two instalments

Yes there will be group discount where students join in a group will be provided with a discount.

We will provide assistance in that is required to place in an MNC by forwarding the resumes to the companies that we have partnered with. The curriculum provided in the course ensures that you have sufficient knowledge and exposure to get a job.