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Tableau Online Training & Certification

Everything that we do today is increasing the amount of data which needs to be organized with the help of Tableau and derive actionable insights from it. Tableau is a popular choice for big and small organizations to create complex and beautiful data visualizations. Ksquareinfo is the best online training institute in India as it will ensure expertise in the technology that will help professionals for easy understanding of data and visualization.

Why should you take Tableau Training course?

The student will be introduced to top business intelligence tools along with architecture of Tableau. Using Tableau will create data visualization and manage and manipulate datasets and provide better understanding of the data. Apart from that it will also provide understanding the data blending and data aggregation and create and share interactive visuals. Many leading companies are implementing Tableau creating high demand for the technology in the market.

Who can take the Tableau training course?

Tableau training provided by Ksquareinfo can be taken by business intelligence professionals, ETL developers, SQL developers, database architects, Visualization experts, Data scientists, project managers and Data analysts.

What are the Pre- requisites of this course?

Individuals having a basic knowledge of Business intelligence, ETL and SQL will be an added advantage but not mandatory.

Why should I learn Tableau course from Ksquareinfo?

Ksquareinfo is the leading online training institute for Tableau in Hyderabad, it has been training thousands of students online across the world for the past 10 years. It has a curriculum designed by the experts that will give you hands on experience that will be helpful in mastering the programming language both basic and advanced concepts. It is the top training online institute that provides both self-paced training and group online training with individual attention to each of the student

Why Tableau?

The top three business intelligence tools in the market today are included in this combo training course. By using a combination of these three tools the students will be able to visualize data and interpret the meaning from large data sets. Conduct and deliver data analysis on business data, help in understanding, creating and analyzing reports with a solid grounding in Tableau

Can beginners also learn technology?

Yes, beginners can learn this technology to attain advanced knowledge in business intelligence tools and completion of this course will easily take your career to next level.

What are the Modes of Training offered by Ksquareinfo?

Ksquareinfo is top ranked Tableau online training in India that offers two types such as self-paced training and online instructor group training that provide flexible hours as per your convenience. Our trainers have vast experience in the technology and are working as subject matter experts for the company. Personal interaction with the trainers will be provided through a demo for the students before confirmation.

How many people are using Tableau?

Many companies in the world are implementing Tableau for better data virtualization that has increased the growth opportunities for the Tableau professionals in the industry.

What are the preferred skills to become successful in Tableau?

Some of the skills that are needed to become successful in Tableau

  1. 1. Excellent knowledge of database and SQL.
  2. 2. Excellent understanding of data analysis.
  3. 3. Basic understanding of statistics and mapping.

Introduction to Tableau:

  1. • Components, data elements, terminology, etc.
  2. • Connecting to Data
  3. • Basic Chart creation: Bar, Pie, Text Tables, Highlight Tables
  4. • Building basic views - tables and visualizations
  5. • Filter, sort and group your data
  6. • Analysis, Formatting
  7. • Data blending and creating relationships
  8. • Dashboard Actions
  9. • Dates and times
  10. • Building maps – geographical data
  11. • Sharing and Publishing
  12. • Calculations: string, arithmetic and quick table calculations
  13. • Parameters, Type Conversion
  14. • Statistical analysis and calculations, trend lines, forecasting
  15. • Geographic Roles, Custom Geocoding and Background Images
  16. • Word Clouds, funnel charts, Pareto Charts, Bubble Charts , Waterfall charts, Box Plots
  17. • Best Practices
  18. • Visual Analytics
  19. • Server Basics

Tableau Comprehensive

Tableau Basics

  1. • Introduction to basics Components, terminology, data elements etc in Tableau
  2. • Connecting to Data
  3. • Quick Filters
  4. • Creation of charts: Highlight Tables, Bar, Pie, Text Tables
  5. • Building basic views - tables and visualizations
  6. • Filter, sort and group your data
  7. • Formatting
  8. • Dates and times
  9. • Building maps – geographical data
  10. • Calculations of arithmetic, string, and quick table calculations
  11. • Build a dashboard
  12. • Sharing and Publishing

Tableau Advance

  1. • Advanced level visualisation and charts such as Bullet Graphs, funnel charts, Dual Axis, Treemaps, Bubble charts, Box Plots, Waterfall charts, Data Blending
  2. • Action filters
  3. • Parameters
  4. • Groups and Sets
  5. • Statistical analysis and calculations, trend lines, forecasting
  6. • API introduction
  7. • Build complex calculations
  8. • Advanced geographic mapping techniques
  9. • Custom images and geocoding of non-geographic data
  10. • Implement many efficiency tips and tricks

Best Practices Tableau Server Tableau Visual Analytics

  1. • Basic installation and Infrastructure
  2. • Describe the functions of each of the components of Tableau Server
  3. • Data extracts and scheduling and publishing
  4. • Embedding dashboards in webpages
  5. • Security in Tableau Server
  6. • Describe content structures within Tableau Server
  7. • Use the Tabadmin command line utility

Visual Analytics

  1. • Analytical Process
  2. • Preparing for analysis
  3. • Cleaning, formatting and reshaping
  4. • Using additional data to support your analysis.
  5. • Data classification
  6. • Visual Variables: Basic Units of Data Visualization
  7. • Storytelling and guided analytics

Best Practices

  1. • Big Picture
  2. • Choosing views
  3. • Dashboard structure
  4. • View orientation, Sizing and Layout
  5. • Data Emphasis, Highlighting
  6. • Color, Fonts, Tooltips
  7. • Performance improvement.

Upcoming Batches

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Yes before confirming the schedule, we will be discussing with the trainer and training will be provided as per your availability.

The trainer is a certified professional with immense experience in the related technology and industry.

The trainer is a certified professional with immense experience in the related technology and industry.

Yes we accept course fee in two instalments

Yes there will be group discount where students join in a group will be provided with a discount.

We will provide assistance in that is required to place in an MNC by forwarding the resumes to the companies that we have partnered with. The curriculum provided in the course ensures that you have sufficient knowledge and exposure to get a job.