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Term and conditions

1. Acceptance of Agreement

By clicking on the signup button you are agreeing with the terms and conditions, obligations, agreements and warranties of the company.

2. User ID and password

By agreeing to the terms, you acknowledge that your user ID and password will be for your exclusive use and will not be shared with any one that can cause blocking of your access to content from the website and lead to termination of the agreement.

3. Content and Courseware

As part of the services offered by the Ksquareinfo, such as content, courseware, graphics, images, practice tests, question and answers and audio/video content as part of the training course. We reserved the right to make changes in the content and coursework provided to you

4. Intellectual Property rights

Though you are provided access and non exclusive right to use content and coursework from the website, by agreeing to the terms you acknowledge that Ksquareinfo is the exclusive and sole owner of the content, services, websites and coursework that is considered as intellectual property rights of the company.

5. Termination terms

Ksquareinfo reserves the right to terminate the access to the content and material with immediate effect by sending a written note through email to you in case of any misrepresentation, default or breach of the terms and conditions of the company.